About Battlefield Tactics

This is an attempt to start a conversation, and ultimately build a manual, for tactics in the online battlefield, and how to apply those tactics in the fast-paced multiplayer shooter.

I began working on Battlefield Tactics when Bad Company 2 fans were religiously playing the online game, and we were anticipating the coming big-budget release of Battlefield 3.

The squad based spawn system of Battlefield created all the elements of incredibly exciting teamwork, but unlike a sports game, the fundamentals of how to function as a team are much less obvious. I began studying real life tactics in depth, so I could try and apply them to the virtual battlefield. The constraints of perception online, the way the maps were designed, and value one has for life in an online shooter, make a lot of tactical concepts of the real world, not applicable to an online shooter.

At first this was frustrating, but then it became very compelling because new concepts and doctrines had to be thought up, to warp real life strategies into something that made sense in a virtual setting.

This is an attempt to give structure to a new kind of rule book for tactics. In a real sense, I am looking for the hybrid between tactics of reality and that of online video game combat.


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