Personal Combat: The Essentials

Reload, Reposition:

You must reposition each time you fire or reload, and you should always duck back behind cover to reload. Any enemy who saw the tracers of your fire will set time aside to wait for you to reappear from the location you fired from. Don’t reappear where the enemy expects you to. Always reposition.

Don’t Act Alone:

Wait for friendly forces to work their way up to you, or try and fall back to them. Your team gains ground by strengthening its position, not by scattering individuals all over the field. Wait for friendlies before advancing, and especially wait for squad mates to spawn in on you before you move out.

Cover to Cover:

Only leave cover for more cover. Why would you ever fire your weapon in the open? Once you fire your position is announced and compromised. Even if you kill your target you have no place to hide if a new enemy appears. Take cover before engaging.

You must observe every blind corner or danger area before crossing an open area.

Walk, Don’t Run:

This one will be controversal. For the most part, moving too slowly makes you an easy target. This is true, but many scenarios afford the ability to stop sprinting and walk. The advantage in walking is your ability to respond more quickly to a threat that is himself sprinting. When you are sprinting, you can’t turn and look another direction, turning makes you run in that direction. If you are walking, you can pan your weapon around corners and toward windows while you scan an area for bad guys.

When you are moving through terrain that could be occupied by the enemy—and is not obviously exposed to snipers—by walking you can be better prepared to engage an enemy and you will see more of the battlefield and raise your Situational Awareness.

Whenever you have to cross wide open terrain—which is often—you should obviously run. Walking is for quiet areas that you are clearing of enemies, or close-quarter areas that might have enemies hiding behind any little crate or open hallway.

This section seems like an apt place to mention, that you shouldn’t run without a destination. Take a moment to pick your next piece of cover before runing across the open. If you have a moment, observe your next location. This will lower the chances of you running up to a place only to find a bad guy right there just out of side. This also connects with Stop and Observe. Most of the bad guys out there can’t sit still for three whole seconds. If you Stop and Observe your next location, if a bad guy is lurking, you’ll almost certainly spot him.

Take Proper Aim:

This seems obvious, but you shouldn’t fire until you have your sights exactly where you want them. I have a tendency to fire too soon. There is sort of a mental timer that tells me when I should have lined up my shot, when I should have fired, and when the enemy I am aiming at will likely start shooting back (if he sees me) or move again (if he hasn’t seen me). This is too often when I fire and doesn’t always sync up with when I’ve aimed the shot. The effect of shooting too soon like this is announcing to him (and the rest of the world), of your position, without the added benefit of actually killing him.

Wait for the shot to be line up. If he fires take cover because you’ve lost the initiative. Then wait until it’s long enough for him to think you’ve moved on. Reset the engagement.


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