Offense: Advancing

There are really two schools of thought, or strategies, for moving toward an objective.

      1. Taking territory (Clearing Sectors) along the way to the Objective.

      2. Infiltrating into the enemy AO while making every effort to remain undetected, so you can take the Objective by surprise.

Taking Territory/Clearing Sectors

If you are Taking Territory, then occupying an area of the battlefield, even temporarily, without making efforts to clear it of enemy soldiers defeats the purpose. If you are advancing toward the objective, and you are engaging the enemy along the way, you have to clear the areas you pass through of hiding enemies. The distance that an enemy could quickly run and get up on your squad’s backside, is roughly the distance you want to check while moving toward the objective. This gets way more difficult and problematic in an urban environment or a close-quarters environment. Still, if you are advancing and clearing the area of enemies as you go, the squad will tend to keep their focus to the front, and that will open you up to getting wiped out by a single enemy if you overlook one.


Infiltrating is a strategy of gaining access to the enemy area of operation without their knowledge. On large battlefields there are often Avenues of Approach that are relatively distant from the enemy action and defensive positions. Often it is possible to take a distant approach toward the objective without getting observed or, if you are observed and you are far enough on the flanks, the enemy will likely not chase you down in hopes that some other defenders will pick you up closer to the objective.

Infiltrating is nothing short of setting up your own squad sized front, behind enemy lines, so that you can either harass the enemy in his critical defensive zone (which takes pressure off the main attack of the rest of the team), or so you can take the objective by surprise.

If you are infiltrating, weapon discipline is key. You want your squad to remain as undetected as possible. Every enemy you kill will alert other nearby enemies and also likely alert enemies of your Avenue Of Approach.

Infiltrating is only useful if you can maintain your presence for a period of time. This means Establishing a Position. A position, in this context, is an area you can defend and hold against the enemy. A strong established position has good cover that a squad-mate can use to provide fire support. And a strong position is one that they enemy has to come out to attack. It’s not so close that a bad guy swarming around the objective could stumble on by accident. Though, some battlefields are so close quarter, this can’t be avoided.

A Spawn Beacon is a very important tool in infiltrating and Establishing a Position in the enemy rear. Tactically, a Spawn Beacon is more useful inside of a structure, because when squad-mates spawn back in, they spawn together. If the Beacon is outside, then spawning in usually involves parachuting in, which scatters your squad and doesn’t allow them to combine their firepower as a fighting unit.

A squad-mate can also hold a position while the rest of the squad spawns on him to renew the attack, and you could use a Spawn Beacon in this context as a backup for your established position. That way, if the squad gets wiped out, they may not know where the Beacon is, and you can all regroup and attack again.


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